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What makes us different?

Renton Meditation and Mindfulness (RMMC) offers more than just meditation guidance.  Our number one goal is to teach people how to start their own meditation practice.  While we agree that guided meditations are valuable in their own right, and we do offer guided meditations as a one-on-one, individually tailored experience, we believe that mindfulness meditation is most beneficial as a self-guided daily practice.  Our four week-courses are designed to train people how to become regularly practicing meditators.  Our hope is that people come away from our courses with the knowledge and skill needed to sit down and meditate on a regular basis and from there start to enjoy the benefits of a clearer mind.  Start your journey by taking our Meditation 101 course, a four week course which meets once per week for a 30-45 minute class each week.  By the end of the four weeks, you should be armed with the knowledge and skill needed to meditate daily without the need of a meditation teacher or recording as a guide.  

Joel Katzenberger, CMT

Meet our founder and lead meditation teacher


Joel has been practicing meditation daily for many years.  His experience includes training by 12 different teachers including Dr. Mansi Vira, Brett Cotter, Nhi Nhi Lee, Mark VanBuren and Punnu Singh Watu, and extended retreats under the guidance of teachers such as Rupert Spira.  He is certified by Meditation University, through accreditation by The International Meditation and Mindfulness Alliance (IMMA) and The Meditation Organization.

"I discovered meditation on the recommendation of a therapist I was seeing after dealing with some very serious depression.  I'm by no means cured of my depressing feelings, anxiety, or overwhelming emotions.  But after learning to see my mind clearly through meditation, I've changed my perspective on the thoughts and emotions I experience and am able to deal with them in a much healthier and more productive way.  Meditation and mindfulness have impacted my life in every way possible.  I experience more joy, my relationships are healthier and more loving, and I lead a much more calm and peaceful life.  Meditation even led me to sobriety.  I'm really looking forward to sharing what I've learned with you."

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